Tuesday, October 4, 2011


 “Are you Spartan tough?” is the slogan one could find surrounding the perimeters of the Staten Island Spartan Race, motivating everyone to get pumped and find their inner Spartan.  This was something Jonathan Aragon of ARAGON FITNESS and Mazi Hassani of UNDERGROUND WRESTLING took very seriously as they proved that they are in fact, Spartan Tough.  They officially became Spartans at the Staten Island Super Spartan Race that took place Saturday, September 24, 2011.  They completed a rigorous 8+ miles trail with over 20 obstacles at Wolfe’s Pond Park in Staten Island which was the home for the Super Spartan Race. It was a full house indeed, with thousands of participants coming from all over the country.  There was so much positive energy, motivation and team effort, all characteristics of a true Spartan!

The Spartan Race is one that pushes individuals to go beyond their physical limits; they go where they have never gone before.  Individuals who complete this race prove to themselves that they can make the impossible, possible.  This is a race that is definitely not for the faint of heart, but for anyone out there willing to push their mind and body to its limits.  You will find people from all over, athletes, non-athletes, males and females, young and old, etc. wanting to prove they are capable of pushing their limits and completing this extraordinary race.    

Even with all the scrapes, bruises and soreness, completing the Super Spartan Race made Jonathan and Mazi feel alive, tough, and accomplished.  This is only the beginning and first of many races for Jonathan and Mazi and there is so much more to be unleashed.  They are now extremely motivated to make anything possible and will take this newfound motivation and exhilaration unto the next Spartan Races… where you can join too!  Aroo Aroo!!
So “are you Spartan Tough?”  Do you have the guts to become a Spartan?  Join us in the next race!
*For more information on how YOU can become a SPARTAN go to www.spartanrace.com to get details on their upcoming events.
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By Karintia De Jesus

Saturday, September 10, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, we decided to leave the demands of everyday life and spend some time with nature.  With a few great friends, a boat, tons of good food and sleeping gear, we headed out for a weekend of camping in the Adirondacks of Lake George, NY. Our days were filled with activities such as cooking, swimming, chopping wood, walking, hiking and basking in the sun. Our nights included bon fires, great conversations, games and more cooking and eating of course. One day in particular we decided to go on an adventure and hike Black Mountain, also located in the Adirondacks of Lake George, NY. This mountain has a difficult trail of 2.8 miles packed with steep hills and unstable rocks. Needless to say we definitely got our workout in for the weekend (hahah). However, the difficulty of this hike does not compare to the breathtaking views you get to experience once you reach the summit. The pictures above do it no justice to the actual experience and exhilaration you feel once you reach the top and realize how lucky you are you get to experience one of the beauties of not just our country, but of our world. When thinking of our days and nights at the camp site, it was not just the friends that made the experience a great one, but the fact that we got the chance to be one with nature, bathe in its waters, bask in its sun, eat food for which we had to make our own fire, hike one of its mountains, relax under the stars, fall asleep to the sounds of the lake waters hitting the rocks and then wake up to a beautiful sunrise and the sounds of the animals surrounding us.  The experience overall was a much needed one and a reminder of the beauty our world provides for us and how special Mother Nature is.
By Karintia De Jesus

Monday, August 22, 2011



Even with his hectic schedule during the filming of his new show "Mission Menu"  which will air on TLC International this November, celebrity Chef, Ricardo Cardona still finds time to get his "sweat on"!  When Cardona is not making one of his delicious dishes, you can find him kickboxing at ARAGON FITNESS.

After having lost 46lbs, Cardona continues to take his fitness goal very seriously.  He has drastically changed his diet and is physically active every day. Today Cardona is fit, healthy, full of energy and on his way to his ideal shape. 

By: Karintia De Jesus

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We tend to wonder, how is it that artists stay in such great shape, especially with their hectic schedules. Actually, they work very hard in every area of their lives, including staying fit and healthy. Singer/Song Writer KARIBEL takes her exercise routine very seriously by working out with personal trainer Jonathan Aragon of ARAGON FITNESS at least 3 times per week. On the days she is not training she still keeps herself active by going for some light jogging. For Karibel a daily dose of exercise is essential in order to maintain a good level of endurance, stamina, healthy lifestyle and a clear mind for those long nights at the recording studio.