About Aragon

My Mission and Motivation: To empower the minds, bodies, and lives of people toward a healthier lifestyle by the masses!

My name is Jonathan Aragon, I am a Certified personal trainer, Certified Spartan SGX coach, and OCR athlete. I have been involved in fitness and health since the age of 11; training in the areas of martial arts, power lifting and wrestling. I also studied grappling, boxing and Muay Thai.  During my years of training, I worked with professionals to increase discipline, body endurance, strength and conditioning. It was not until the age of 18 that my passion evolved and I began to use the tools I was taught to help others stay fit and healthy. Currently I am dedicated to encouraging others to live the active and healthy life style they deserve through Spartan SGX Training and personal training. 

"The world isn't all rainbows and sunshine, but life is a test to see how hard you can get hit and still be standing to prevail." ~Coach Aragon~