Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spartan Race 300 Workout Tour - Randall's Island NY, NY

What a kickass experience this weekend was, surrounded by hundreds upon hundreds of fellow Spartans at Randall's Island (NY, NY). This past Saturday on March 22, 2014, alongside Don Devaney, I got to be part of what many would consider, a life-changing event, the Spartan Race 300 Workout Tour. The Spartan Race 300 workout tour is lead by Don Devaney, which will be reaching cities all over the country...
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The workout tour is a free event that consists of a Spartan based workout routine with the simple goal of testing your limits and getting individuals motivated to get off the couch and find out that they are capable of much more than they give themselves credit for. Hundreds showed up to test their limits and found out that they can conquer anything when they put their minds to it. They were left having experienced not only a great workout, but gaining a lifetime of motivating advice from Don Devaney that will help guide them in conquering the next challenge in their lives.

As for me, not only did I get to be a part of this event as the Spartan Street Team Leader, but I was also granted by Don the opportunity to lead the crowd in a Spartan Group X workout. As a Certified Spartan Group X Coach, I was honored for this opportunity because it gave the chance to share with hundreds of Spartans a taste of Aragon’s Spartan Group X Training. 

For more info on when or where NJ Spartan Group X classes are going to be held check us out at (

See you at the Finish Line! AROO!

Photography by Michael Chan
Video clips by Ramon Antonio Frias


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