Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Final Workout of 2014!

As we end the 2014 year, and get ready to celebrate ...look back .... reflect .... ask yourself "did I go all out?"..... "Did I do what I wanted to do or accomplish?" 
Well whatever the answer is, guess what, it's a NEW YEAR! So make a plan.... Set a goal and STICK TO IT! Do whatever it takes... no matter what comes your way ... Keep moving Forward!

AF Happy 400's
4 exercises / 40 minutes / 400 reps

- Set up a timer to 2 minutes

- Perform each exercise for 2 minutes or 20 reps, Whichever comes first!
(you may do weighted pull ups, ring dips, box jumps and choose a decent weight for the Kettlebell Swings that WON'T sacrifice FORM!)

- If you complete 20 reps under 2 minutes, you can either keep going or use it as break until you move on to the next exercise

- KEEP MOVING!! You have 5 rounds that will total up to 40 minutes worth of time!
So choose wisely about your breaks because at the end your goal is to have completed 400 reps!

See in 2015! I'm ready for you......ARE YOU?


Coach Aragon

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