Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Kettlebells - Hard Style

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend StrongFirst Coach Cambio's Kettlebell Hard Style Workshop at Mountain Strength Crossfit. 

Now if you aren't familiar with "Hard Style", It's derived from the russian way of kettlebell techniques. StrongFirst aims to maximize both strength (tension) and Speed (relaxation). 

Coach Cambio: 

"I believe the Hardstyle swing is the best possible training towards building a better athlete! It is a ready position that all movement starts from. It is a jump without leaving the ground. It sharpens your reflexes and balance. It builds strength and power."

As an athlete, Hardstyle is by far the most beneficial to maximize one's athleticism. After 4+ hours of learning the techniques of double arm, single arm, cleans, snatches,  my legs, abs, and grip were toast. It was a great experience and an intense workout! 

Checkout some helpful tips in the video below.

See at at the Race! AROO!

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