Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spartan Beach Workout

Before laying on your beach chair, give yourself a reason to Snooze! The beach is a great place to change up the scenery from the daily gym or park. Plenty of sun, sand, and the ocean waves in the background, make for an excellent Spartan workout atmosphere.

When going on vacation I always take my gym with me, and that’s my empty heavy duty nylon duffle bag. A small duffle bag is perfect for a variety of exercises, which you can do anywhere anytime. To adjust weight, all you have to do is simply add or remove sand to the desired weight. I always prefer to use dry sand; this is the sand you come across near the entrance of the beach. The dry sand makes it easier to fill up your bag and is less of a mess to empty when done. If you want to be a hardcore Spartan about it then feel free to dip it in the ocean and toss your sandbag around.

Now to find the appropriate weight to do most exercises with, fill up your bag and do a bicep curl with one arm. If you are able to curl the bag then it’s going to be too light when you use it for full body movement exercises such as swings, squats, and burpees. The bag should be very difficult to curl or not at all. Of course adjustments during the workout can be made in seconds by removing or adding sand.

Here is a great workout I recently did on my trip in South Carolina:
-         1-2 min Sand Bag Swings
-         1-3 mile Jog
-         1-2 min Sand Bag Switches (Switch hands at the top)
-         1-2 min Sand Bag Curl Cleans (Hold palms facing out, preform clean)
-         1-2 min Sand Bag Beast Crawls (Place bag on shoulder blades, Crawl)
-         1-2 min Single Arm Presses (Spilt time in half, exp. 1min each side)
-         1-2 min Single Arm Upright Rows (Raise hand to chain EVERY REP)
-         1-2 min Spartan Burpee (Chest must touch ground, push press up)
-         Repeat 2-5 times

Enjoy and see you at the RACE! AROO!
SGX Coach Aragon

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