Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spartan MoMs & DaDs

Lead by example…an active parent leads to an active child!

We are very well aware of the high rate in child obesity and as parents it is our job to keep this number as low as possible.  It is no secret that obesity is the cause of many problems in our society, for instance health issues, mood swings, unhappiness, no desire to try new things, just to name a few.  We also, know that our children copy everything we do!  So why not lead by example and teach them the path to a healthier lifestyle, one that will benefit them as they grow into adulthood and one that will benefit us in return in staying active.
Here is the 2013 Statistical Fact Sheet from The American Heart Association
(23.9 million Children ages 2 to 19 are overweight or obese)
        Children by nature love to be active; they like to jump, run, climb, swim, etc.  Our job is to use that to our advantage and join them in the fun.  Just the mere fact that they see you enjoying those moments with them, not only does it entice them to do it more, but it also helps in their psychological development to be active and happier children.  Although, joining them in their fun times is awesome for them and for you, it doesn't always have to be with children’s games.  For example moms and dads can go out for jogs/walks with their kids in the jogging stroller or bike riding with the child strapped in the child bicycle seat or simply doing a workout video at home while your child is in the playpen or high-chair watching you. Spartan Race is a great activity to bring the whole family together! So join the race, bring your kids to take on the Junior Spartan Race and team up with other parents for many more future family adventures, activities, and Spartan memories! They are absorbing everything they see and there is a huge chance they will copy those great habits. 
Me (Aragon) with my daughter Kiara        Kari out for a jog with Kiara
Kiara at Tuxedo Spartan Sprint

Check out Will & Karen Vanderhorst with their daughter Isabel
Another important factor is guiding them to eat better.  For their meals and snacks always choose healthy, yet delicious foods such as, whole wheat grains, cereals, fruits, veggies, yogurts, etc.  

Check out some healthy meals and snacks ideas for kids here:

If we can help child obesity in any way, the best ways is to start with our own children; let’s teach them the path towards health & fitness and help create a healthy-active environment. 

See you at the RACE! AROO!
Coach Jon Aragon

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